Thursday, August 16, 2012


The Title of the Book isnt final and might change at any time when i find a better fiiting onw.

The Book is about a british girl who lives with her mother in Londong and has no clue who her father is. her mother keeps his identity a secret but promises to tell her about him after her 18th birthday.
Now that this birthday comes near Minla thinks about her father more and more while at the same time her life is changing a lot with the problems shes facing with her boyfriend Erick and the fact that she finished high school and has no clue what to do next.
Study? Travel? get a Job?
The world is open for her but Minal wont make a decision until she knows who her father is, as she plans to get to know him and the circumstances that kept him away from her and her mother.

What will she discover when her mother reveals who her father is?
All Minal knows isthat her fathe is arabic and a muslim.
But will he be interested in having contact with his daughter and will she be able to finally meet the man who has hauntedher dreams for years.
She is about to find out and Minal cant wait for the days until her 18th birthday to pass..

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